Job Category: CNA
Job Type: Full Time Part Time
Job Location: 1110 Birch Doughlas WY 82633

Carries out all duties in accord with the facility mission and philosophy.

Demonstrates knowledge of and respect for the rights, dignity, and individuality of each resident in all interactions.

Appreciates the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of resident and facility information.

Demonstrates honesty and integrity at all times in the care and use of resident and facility property.

Able to understand and to follow written and verbal directions. Able effectively to communicate with staff members and residents through verbal and/or written means.

Able to interact effectively with individuals who are cognitively and/or physically impaired.

Knowledge of emergency and disaster procedures of the facility. Able to locate the nearest exit, to understand and respond to written or oral instruction in case of an emergency.

Sufficient mobility and strength to move freely through the building, to assure resident safety at all times and to assist, transfer or otherwise move residents of the facility out of danger in case of emergency.

Demonstrates respect for co-workers and responds to the needs of residents by complying with facility policies on attendance and punctuality and dress code. Able to arrive and to begin work on time.

Working knowledge and ability to comply with facility policies and procedures for workplace safety including infection control procedures, application of universal precautions for bloodborne pathogens, use of personal protective equipment and handling of hazardous materials.

Demonstrates the ability to prioritize tasks/responsibilities and complete duties/projects within allotted time.

Able to respond to change productively and to handle additional tasks/projects as assigned.

Able to carry out the essential functions of this job (with or without reasonable accommodation) without posing specific, current risk of substantial harm to health and safety of others.

Demonstrates competence in performing all services required of a nurse aide including providing nursing and nursing-related services to individuals with cognitive impairments.

Able to recognize changes in resident’s conditions as evidenced by physical symptoms, verbal expression or observation of change in mental or psychosocial status.


NOTE: The essential functions of this job may be revised or updated as facility needs dictate.

Provides minimal care to residents to improve or maintain the resident’s abilities according to the resident’s plan of care.

1. Provides care to residents without violating residents’ rights.

2. Answers call lights of other residents as able when not busy assisting another resident.

3. Assist the residents with ADL’s as needed and in accordance with the plan of care.

4. Assist the resident’s with at weekly with housekeeping and laundry services as needed.

5. Assist resident’s to and from all meals, activities, and any other needs.

6. Keeps public areas and bathroom presentable at all times. Makes sure Laundry is kept clean and organized for resident use at all times.

7. Take garbage out of resident rooms and bathrooms as needed.

Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s)—Assists with bathing, grooming, dressing, mobility, and some transferring.

Assist in resident assessment and documentation:

Take and record vital statistics as needed. Documents care provided to residents in a timely and accurate manner. Observes and reports patterns of decreased social interaction, angry or sad behaviors and refusals of treatment to Administrator.

Assists with the planning, implementation, and evaluation of plans of care for assigned residents and reports information about conditions, responses to interventions and suggestions for alternative approaches to the care plan team. Reviews resident care plans and advises care plan team of any changes in resident’s condition.

Records accurate, legible information about resident care and condition in appropriate sections of resident’s records. Starts all necessary documentation upon an admission of a new resident. Completes all daily charting before the end of a shift. Communicates with other CNA about assigned residents regularly throughout the shift.

Assists with preparation for state inspections as directed. Interacts with state surveyors as directed by immediate supervisor.

Provides care in a manner that protects and promotes resident rights, dignity, self-determination and active participation. Offers and respects resident choices in matters of daily routine. Refers to residents by proper names unless resident requests otherwise. Handles all residents’ property with respect.
Follows all facility policies and procedures including those related to infection control. Uses personal protective equipment properly whenever indicated. Carries out isolation precautions as needed.

Demonstrates competence in the use of proper body mechanics for both upper and lower body.

Monitors physical environment for safety or fire hazards and corrects or reports potential problems immediately to Administrator. Promptly reports housekeeping and maintenance problems to the Administrator.

Reports injuries to resident or self immediately.

Attends 12 hours of in-service education provided by the facility annually. Applies information to job tasks.

Participates in fire and disaster drills. In the event of an emergency carries out assigned duties to assure resident safety.


Successful performance of essential functions can best be achieved through consistent application of current knowledge, use of good judgment, teamwork, common sense, ability to establish and carry out priorities, effective use of interpersonal skills and ongoing communication with residents, staff, families, interdisciplinary team members, and government officials, including state surveyors and ombudsman.

This job cannot be performed without exposure to the stresses associated with the intimate, 24-hour residential care environment that delivers care and services primarily to disabled and cognitively impaired residents. Examples of these stresses include, but are not limited to: shift rotation, weekend and holiday duty, unusual or impaired behavior by residents, family reactions to having a loved one in the nursing home, death and dying, oversight of state surveyors, ombudsman and federal officials, presence of consultants and attorneys, and variable involvement of medical staff.

Essential functions are carried out in a variety of positions including standing and sitting. To meet the resident’s needs, virtually all positions require the ability to move freely through the building. Stooping, bending, lifting and carrying as well as other physical demands may be required as described in the Essential Physical Demands of this position.


MOBILITY: Ability to move freely in all directions.

LIFTING: Able to lift a minimum of 25 pounds.


STOOPING/BENDING: 200 times a day for brief periods.

PUSHING: Up to 50 pounds to push residents in wheelchairs.
STANDING/SITTING: Standing/walking 90% of shift, sitting 10% of shift.

REACHING: 50% of the shift to care for residents and reach supplies.

HEARING: Ability to hear verbal communication.

SPEAKING: Ability to speak for others to understand.

VISION: Adequate vision to read and to recognize residents.

COLOR VISION: Ability to see red biohazard labels


INSIDE/OUTSIDE: 100% inside unless assisting on outings, walks, or taking residents to patios areas.

COLD/HEAT: Controlled temperature.


NOISE/VIBRATIONS: Voices, telephones, and call lights.


FUMES/ODORS/CHEMICAL EXPOSURE: Odors of body substances.


There will be no guarantees on hours per day. The shifts are varied in hours per day and are based on what is needed. Overtime will NOT be promised or guaranteed. Any overtime an employee may get will be dependent upon resident’s needs and the resident census at that time.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has determined that certain employees in nursing homes are at significant risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens such as Hepatitis B and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

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